2023 Summer Game Show_Indie House Summer Registration

Summer Game Show 2023 - Indie House Summer


"Indie House Summer" - A Designated Area for Indie Devs in the Summertime!


Stay cool in the hot summer! After three years of anticipation, the Summer Game Show has finally made a comeback!! This year, we're introducing a whole new area with exclusive packages, allowing indie devs to choose booth sizes according to your needs, and what’s more, you can also choose to add on the print-out service and stage timeslot if needed! Check out these amazing packages now!




Price (tax included)

Standalone Table Package

1. IBM table*1

2. Folding chair*2

3. Table standing sign (printed)*1

4. 110v power socket*1


Small Booth Package

1. 3*1.5m shell scheme booth with basic installation*1

2. Nameplate on booth*1

3. Folding chair*2

4. 110v power socket*2


+Deposit NT$5,000

(TGS23 Exhibitor Discount NT$5,000)

Standard Booth Package

1. 3*3m shell scheme booth*1

2. The organizer will provide basic installation for exhibitors who purchase 1-2 shell scheme booths. (Please refer to the attachment for the mockup).

3. Exhibitors who purchase more than 4 shell scheme booths will be required to arrange booth partition, carpeting, power supply, and basic installation, and make direct contacts with decoration and utility companies for these services.


+Deposit NT$10,000

(TGS23 Exhibitor Discount NT$10,000)


Indie House Summer Regulations & Notices (MUST READ!)

Showcasing Table / Shell Scheme Mockup


Indie House Summer Exhibitor - Stage Add-on Package

Summer Game Show 2023 will set up a theme stage to help the exhibitors to maximize their exposure and to build connections with the gamers!


Stage add-on Information:

l   Exhibitors can purchase the stage timeslot at an exclusive price: NT$10,500 *With an additional discount of NT$2,000 on products worth NT$2,000, such as Steam/Epic Games Store Keys, Google Play and Apps Store gift codes, game merch, etc.

l   Recommended events: Activities such as game challenges, prize quizzes, interactive activities, etc.

l   Stage Timeslot: 60 minutes / per slot (50 minutes for stage events + 10 minutes for preparation/equipment installation)

l   To purchase the stage package, please note in the registration form below, we will contact you for further information.


Indie House Summer Exhibitor - Small & Standard Booth Package Print out Service

l   Exhibitors can choose whether to purchase the backdrop printout (foamboard) service for your booth.

l   To purchase the print-out service, please note in the registration form below, we will contact you for further information.


How Do I Sign Up?

Please go through the following notices before signing up as an exhibitor.


1. Fill out the registration form below.

2. The organizer will conduct a qualification screen, upon approval, we will send a confirmation email with a payment link.

3. Please complete the payment within 14 days after receiving the confirmation email.

4. After receiving the payment, the organizer will send a confirmation email, completing the registration process.

5. The organizer will provide the exhibition guidebook and floor plan around June 2023.


Registration Time: From now until May 31, 2023 (Wed.), limited spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis (based on the submission time of the registration form).


Contact Information:

Nancy Wang(02)25774249#519



Han Liu (02)25774249#385


Sorry, registration for this seminar has closed.