Taipei Game Show 2022 Content Creator Accreditation

      Taipei Game Show 2022 Content Creator Accreditation

Taipei Game Show 2022 B2C ZONE is going to take place at 9AM-5PM from January 22-25 in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1. B2B ZONE and  Asia Pacific Game Summit is going to take place exclusively online from January 20 to 21.Please complete the registration process before 12PM, Jan. 20, 2022(GMT+8).

 For Safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

  1. Due to Taiwan’s border control measures, foreigners who do not hold a residency cannot enter the Taiwan. Please refer to the relevant regulations.
  2. All visitors are required to complete your personal information (online/on-site) before entry.
  3. All visitors must wear a mask and regularly sanitize hands; otherwise will be denied for entry.
  4. All visitors are required to pass the temperature screening. Visitors with temperature over 37.5’cwill be denied for entry.
  5. For visitors who feel ill, including fever, cough and respiratory signs, please inform the organizer and we will help you get medical assitance immediately.
  6. Adjustments will be made by the organizer to follow Taiwan's CDC guidelines and policies.


  1. Fields marked with * are required.
  2. This version is ONLY made for the overseas content creators with over 100,000 subscriptions,and must provide gaming-related videos which can't be earlier than six months before the time of the event. Art Directors, District Managers, Graphic Designers, Publishers, Managers, Marketing, PR, Sales, and Senior Level Managerial staff, etc. will not be qualified for the creator badge.
  3. Please make sure the maximum allowed words are only 100 "characters" of all the columns. Please shorten the "URL" while filling in the "official website".
  4. The creator badge ONLY can be used by 1 person, please register it separately.
  5. The organizer will send you the confirmation letter in a week after verifying all the information in regard to your registration.
  6. Please bring the "confirmation letter" and "passport" to pick up the creator badge at the press room.
  7. Please wear the badge at any time during the event. The organizer will NOT reissue the badge if it is damaged or lost.
  8. DO NOT transfer, resell or forge the creator badge. If the aforementioned conditions happen, the organizer entitles to forfeit this badge and punish those who violate the regulation according to the law.
  9. For more information:
  10. The official press kits :
  11. Please feel free to contact "" if you cannot use content creator accreditation. 

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