2019 Taipei Game Show Press Registration

TAIPEI GAME SHOW 2019 will be held from January 24 to 28 at Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1&3. The event contains B2B Zone (Jan.24-25), B2C Zone (Jan.25-28@TWTC Hall 1&3), Asia Pacific Game Summit (Jan.24-25). If you are interested in being our media partners and will attend the event, please fill out the following form before 12a.m. Jan 23, 2019(GMT+8).


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  2. Please make sure the maximum allowed words are only 100 "characters" of all the columns. And shorten each URL when fill out the form. (Google URL Shortner: https://goo.gl/)
  3. This registration is only for oversea gaming related media. Registration time: From today to 12a.m. Jan 23, 2019(GMT+8).
  4. The media badge ONLY could be used by 1 person, each member from the same company should register separately.
  5. We will send you the confirmation letter in a week upon your registration.
  6. The qualified applicants could get a media-badge by showing "confirmation letter", "Name card", and "Passport" TGS 2019.
  7. Please wear the badge at any time during the show. DO NOT entry without this badge. The organizer will not reissue the badge if it is damaged or lost.
  8. DO NOT transfer, resell, forgery the media badge. If the aforementioned conditions happen, the organizer entitles to forfeit this badge and punish it according to the law.
  9. For more information: http://tgs.tca.org.tw 
  10. Taipei Game Show Press Release: http://tgs.tca.org.tw/download_news.php?b=2c_e
  11. Please feel free to contact esther_feng@mail.tca.org.tw if you have any questions.
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